Travel review: Bath is the ultimate wellness destination for a city break

I’d never been to Bath before, but whenever the city was mentioned I always thought of the Roman Baths.

It’s quite the journey for me, so after three changes and four hours on trains I finally made my way down – I didn’t know what to expect but I was instantly impressed by just how pretty the city is.

Many of the buildings use the signature ‘Bath Stone’ (a type of limestone, or if you’re my geologist friend who has came to read this after I mentioned I was here, an oolitic limestone comprising granular fragments of calcium carbonate) which gives the city a really uniform and beautiful look.

I felt like I’d headed to mainland Europe – this definitely felt more like a holiday abroad off the bat, which surprised me based on how accessible Bath is.

Bath is filled with buildings made with the beautiful Bath Stone
Bath is filled with buildings made with the beautiful Bath Stone

Everyone I told I was headed to Bath had guffawed at me, complaining of the travel time but if you take a book – or in my case a laptop – then it’s really not so bad. I found the journey to be really straight forward.

I stayed in Hotel Indigo, which is a really short walk from the Bath Spa train station and is wheelchair accessible which is always a good touch.

As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I noticed there was a pleasant smell which immediately welcomes you to the building.

Check-in went smoothly with the staff being lovely and welcoming.

Hotel Indigo Bath
The light fixture really stood out to me

On arrival to the room I was instantly impressed by the decor – the light in particular standing out to me.

The room was great, with a complimentary mini bar with Bath Water, from the Mendip Spring rather than from after someone’s washed themselves, San Pellegrino, red and white wine and lager.

It’s a great range – there are robes and slippers included with the room and full sized toiletries which I always like as you don’t find yourself panicking if you need a little bit more shower gel.

Bathroom window Hotel Indigo Bath
The window in the bathroom featured a map of Bath

In the bathroom I was really impressed by the window, it offers privacy but more notably it’s a map of the city which I found to be a lovely touch.

Once I properly settled into the city I headed to the Soul Spa for a sound bath – I’d never done one before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

The Soul Spa is really relaxing
The Soul Spa is really relaxing

It was really relaxing, so much so that I genuinely think I fell asleep for a short while.

One minute I’m hearing the bowls going as our guide talks us through our experience and the next I feel like I’m snapping back into consciousness – it was really cool, although at the beginning I was reminded of the tea scene in Get Out.

If you struggle to unwind then this could be a really nice way to spend an hour, it’s based across from the Thermae Spa with a connection to the spring waters that are rumoured to be healing.

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After our sound bath, I wrestled my stilettos back on – which was a challenge after being so sleepy – and headed to The Ivy which was just a short walk away.

The Ivy in Bath is beautiful, we headed upstairs for our drinks and got to experience the roof terrace, which we were told is a sun trap in the warmer months until about 3pm.

It really was beautiful, we tried some CBD mocktails and cocktails – I honestly preferred them without the addition of low alcohol lager or Aperol but it did really stick to the relaxation theme.

The drinks were all made with Trip which I think has quite a nice taste

Trip offers CBD infused drinks
Trip offers CBD infused drinks

Once we’d finished up our drinks we headed straight to Robun and I was thrilled to go there.

The Japanese restaurant has a website that I’d glanced at a number of times – we tried the set menu and I wasn’t disappointed.

The maki had a decent amount of filling in the centre which isn’t always the case but the gyoza stole the show.

The gyoza at Robun
The gyoza at Robun were incredible – I was still thinking about them the next day

They were deep fried with a really chewy dough and not lacking in filling at all, they typically come with a sauce on top that contains dairy which I didn’t try but they’re so moreish that I could really eat more now.

If you’re in Bath do make sure you go to Robun, even if it’s just for the gyoza.

The cocktails also stood out, with the Old Fashioned coming in quite a stylish display, Bubbles coming with a bubble on top sealing in the whole drink and my personal favourite being the Mo Star – a slightly sweeter twist on the Pornstar Martini for those who like strawberry.

Jada Jones in Bath Thermae Spa rooftop bath
The rooftop bath has an incredible view of the city – although pictures aren’t usually an option

In the morning we were given early access to the Thermae Spa – this is not where the Romans used to bathe but a much more modern bath spa, it’s incredible.

We headed to the rooftop bath and I was in awe of the view, with the sun glistening over the city you feel like you’ve walked into a film.

The waters are actually cooled before entering the pools as they come out of the spring at a whopping 45° C – but the lower temperature of 33.5°C is lovely, I will say getting out and feeling the cold air was slightly jarring in comparison.

The Minerva Bath is really spacious
The Minerva Bath is really spacious

Then we headed to the Minerva pool and it felt much more modern and also there wasn’t so much of a chill.

It’s a great spot to swim and also to just relax and the waters are nice and warm.

If you’re looking for a memorable spa break – and let’s face it, it’s what Bath is renowned for – then I can’t stress how lovely this spa is.

Once you’ve finished up with your swimming there’s a range of rooms to relax in, the sauna offers a dry heat which I’m not always a fan of but then there are also two steam rooms.

The Georgian steam room was lovely
The Georgian steam room was lovely

The Roman steam room uses lavender and herbs in tribute to the history of the city whereas the Georgian steam room has tea leaves making up some of the scent.

I really liked these rooms, there’s also a celestial room in tribute to William Herschel – the Bath–based astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus – which is a nice touch with a star-like pattern on the ceiling.

I spent two hours in the Thermae Spa but could’ve honestly spent much longer, it’s such a gorgeous space and a must visit if you’re in Bath.

Then if you want a bite to eat, there’s no shortage of options – I headed to Boho Marché, which is based in the Francis Hotel, which offers a Moroccan inspired dishes instead of the classic brunch options.

The breakfast at Boho Marché is a twist on the typical
The breakfast at Boho Marché is a twist on the typical

They have a range of smoothie shots that intend to boost your immune system or metabolism, although the flavour isn’t the nicest they do remind me of the shots from Pret.

If you want a boozy brunch, Boho Marché might be your place – they have a drink consisting of Chambord and champagne that’s quite delightful although, as ever, if drinking, please be responsible.

I rounded off my trip in the Roseate Villa for a lovely afternoon tea – I got the vegan one which wasn’t quite to my tastes, but the typical version looked amazing, and I’m told tasted incredible, with adorable apple shaped cakes that looked too good to eat.

The afternoon tea is a nice setting for a gab with friends and family, I loved the Jane Austen tea blend
The afternoon tea is a nice setting for a gab with friends and family, I loved the Jane Austen tea blend

I had the Jane Austen tea blend, as that one is best without milk and I found it to be really delicate and pleasant – it didn’t even need the addition of honey which I was really impressed with.

I only spent 24 hours in Bath, but with the amount of museums and things to do I felt like it wasn’t enough time.

The city is busiest of a weekend so if you can make it down during the week I’d strongly recommend it, I can’t wait to go back to the beautiful city.

Have you ever been? It’s a great place to check in with yourself and invest in your own well being for a few days, taking a break from the chaotic everyday.


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