Travel hack: Chinese influencer explains why she trusts Singaporean hotel reviews

SINGAPORE: A woman shared an interesting travel hack lately that she believes will help anyone in ensuring they book a good hotel. According to Ms Midi, an influencer from China, it’s a hack “everyone should know.”

“If you are searching for any hotel in the world, go for the one that has good reviews from Singaporeans,” she said, sharing that this is something she had learned from her Singaporean husband.

“And it works every time when I travel,” Ms Midi said enthusiastically in a video she shared earlier this month.


And food review too 🤪 #travelhacks

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Even when she’s gone to the “weirdest hotels in the weirdest places,” when there’s been a good review from a Singaporean, “NOTHING WENT WRONG,” she added emphatically.

The opposite also holds true, Ms Midi appears to believe, adding that it’s best to stay away from hotels with ratings of 4.5 stars but get even one bad comment from a Singaporean.

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“You run,” she said. And why? “Because Singaporeans… my husband… are pampered,” since they were “born to live” in a very clean city, where even if you roll on the street the whole day, your shoes won’t get dirty.

Singapore also has the best infrastructure, is safe, and has one of the best customer service standards in the world. “So you can trust their hotel review,” she pointed out.

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Her travel hack has since gone viral, with over 113,000 views. However, at least one commenter has asked her, “How to check if there’s a Singaporean review?” (The simple answer to this is that travel aggregator sites indicate the country of origin of the people who drop reviews, usually with a little flag beside their names.)

Others actually confirmed her hack, with one saying they had “used this logic in Korea & Japan.” Another wrote, “Same with me. I always look for reviews from Singaporeans.” Even people from Malaysia said that her hack is a trustworthy one.

Some added that her hack can also be applied to food reviews. And since Singapore is well known for its delicious and affordable food, this may well be the case.

A number of commenters also thanked Ms Midi and encouraged her to share even more tips and hacks. /TISG

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