The best travel pillows to buy in 2023, according to reviews

If you’ve ever traveled you know the hardship that can come with delayed flights, missed connections and lost luggage.

These hiccups can make anyone anxious and sometimes all you need is a little rest to recover. A travel pillow can allow you to get comfortable when you fly and provide some much needed sleep, especially on on those extended trips.

Travel pillows come in a variety of styles with features for the most fickle of travelers. This can include a compact size, plush material, neck support and a design worth snuggling up to.

But with so many travel pillows on the market today, it can be overwhelming to know which one to buy.

To help, this roundup has some of the most recommended travel pillows available, including designs from Cabeau and Trtl.

  1. Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow: “What really sets this pillow apart from the rest are the velcro straps on the back, designed to loop around a plane seat’s headrest, helping to keep your head upright and take any pressure off your neck,” Conde Nast Traveler says.
  2. Trtl Travel Pillow: “Available in four colors and weighing the same as an apple, according to the brand, this pillow is made from soft fleece and has an internal support system that helps keep your head and neck in an upright position,” Good Housekeeping says.
  3. Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow: “Its tall memory-foam walls let it offer more support than any other pillow we tested. It’s also shaped to sit flush against a headrest, and it compresses to a manageable size,” Wirecutter says.
  4. Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow: “The plush memory foam filling and asymmetric design can be easily adjusted to support the neck, chin, or head with the taller or shorter sides. The materials appear high-quality and luxurious, and it rolls up to fit in a compact drawstring sack,” Travel + Leisure says.
  5. Pluto POD: “It resembles the hooded part of a hooded sweatshirt, with a wide, supportive band that uses Velcro to secure it around the neck. Those features muffle sound and offer comfortable neck support all the way around,” Forbes says.


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